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a) A few weeks before Jonghyun’s birthdya, heir manager called you early in the morning to see him. You went to his office and asked what seemed to be the matter.

Manager hyung : On Jonghyun’s birthday, we plan to make a surprise fan party for him and the limited lucky fans. Since you’re a girl and is his girlfriend, I want you to think of a theme or come up with any ideas for his birthday. Understand? I know its been a while since he last came out. So, it has to be something grand, alright?

You nodded your head and asked, “Will the rest of the members be coming too?” He just gave you a cold ‘yes-they-are-obviously’ look and walked away.

b) As you walked outside of SHINee’s manager office, you saw SHINee’s Key.

K: Oh, hello! Why were you inside his office? Did you get into trouble again? (He placed his hands on his hips and started nagging)

You: No, it’s because of .. the fan party thing (you whispered into his ear)

Without realising it, Jonghyun was coming your way.

J: Yah! Key, what do you think you are doing? 

K: Nothing. She just told me something surprising which I can’t tell. No worries. Nothing to be jealous of but, I emphasised but, something to be thankful. 

Jonghyun didn’t spoke a word until he walked away. He stared at you directly in the eyes and placed his hands on your shoulder.

J: Can I trust him? (He gave you sad puppy eyes)

You: Have Key ever told a lie? He hates lies, does he not? I love you and you know that.

He took your hand and kissed it then, hugged you. He said, “You’re the best girlfriend, you know that? You’re really amazing. *starts whispering into your ear* I love you,” He stopped hugging you, giving you a wide smile and walked with you.

c) You obeyed him and allowed him to take you where ever he is going. He brought you to the place when you two went had a first fight. He let go of your hand and stared at you with a half smile.

J: Remember this place? The place where we first fought? Its not that I’m trying to recall back the tragedy but it’s my new secret thinking place. I came to this place, thinking, what did I do that had hurt you back then? Why did I it? It’s a place for me to think of my past mistakes that I’ve done towards you … so I could avoid myself from making the same mistakes again. 

You were so touched by his words that tears started to fall from your eyes. You forced yourself to hold it in. “Oh, really?” He approached you with a hug as he noticed that your eyes were red and  your nose was runny. 

J: Don’t cry, jakiya. You know that I love you. You’re making me cry now. Shh~ (He tried calming you down before he started to tear up)

You: You’re right. Let’s be happy! Is there a place that you want to go? Oooh, how about that ice-cream shop over there?

J: Ice-cream shop? Ah~ You know that I rarely go out nowadays because of my leg? If you really want to then we could go there.

You: Ah, you don’t have to. Let’s just go back inside the building. You need to rest.

d) He was being stubborn and insisted to go to the ice-cream shop. When you reached there, the two of you shared one big bowl of ice-cream. 

You: Ah~ Now you’re making me feel guilty T__T

J: Why? Come on. It’s not your fault, okay?

You: It just feels like it’s all my fault. Let’s just eat the ice-cream .. happily (You didn’t sound happy)

Jonghyun put his spoon down, wiped his hands with a wet tissue and placed both of his palms on your face. “Look at me. I’m fine, okay? Nothing’s wrong. Be happy, please? Don’t feel guilty. No buts or ifs, alright? I love you, honey,” You pretended to be happy and not guilty although you actually are.

e) After the both of you walked out of the shop, he asked, “Where shall we go next, jakiya?”

You: Rest

J: What?

You: Rest. It’s time for you to take a rest. I’ve got to back home too. I’ve unfinished homeworks to do. 

J: Let me walk you home

You: No, no. It’s okay. It’s fine.

J: At least, let me call you a cab?

You: Sure, thank you.

He called you a cab and opened the car door for you. “You take care, alright?” He looked at the driver and said, “Ahjussi, please drive her home safely, thank you~” The driver nodded his head and Jonghyun closed the car door. The cab started to move and I waved him goodbye. 

a) When the cupcakes were nicely baked, you and your SHINee boyfriend designed the toppings. You wiped some cream on top of it and gave it to him to decorate.

O: Ah~ Cupcakes smells de-li-cious! Kekeke~ It doesn’t surprise me because its you who baked it. (He pinched your cheeks and started decorating)

J: Waaaaaaa~ah~ This smells really good, jakiya. (He got distracted for a while) Wait .. what am I suppose to do? Right, right. Kekek~

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a) As heard and watched through the news, Japan had experienced a disastrous earthquake and tsunami. Numerous number of people were killed due to the extreme weather. A lot of people from different countries have been making donations to help the people in Japan.

You and your SHINee boyfriend decided to make a donation too. You talked to him about it. “Yeobo, I’ve been thinking about raising money for donations .. for the people in Japan,”

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*Key & Taemin’s scene*

a) Your SHINee boyfriend went to your house to pick you up. You were still in your room, getting ready for the wedding. So you dad opened the door, and stared at you SHINee boyfriend, making him feel uncomfortable. 

K: Oh, hello Mr ____. I’m Jin Ki and I’m here to pick your daughter up for Super Junior’s manager’s wedding. (He took out his hand and shook hands with your father)

T: Hello Mr ____. I’m Lee Taemin! I’m here to pick up your daughter and you do not have to worry because I will make sure that she’s safe. 

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